NSW Catholic Debating Champions

On Friday, November 16th, the Parramatta Marist High Senior Debating Team, consisting of Lachlan Moses, Patrick Skaf and Keenan Fitzsimons, competed in the school’s first NSW Catholic Debating Competition Final. Before the debate itself, the team of three organised a bus for ten other students to travel from PMH to Waverley College in Bondi, to create a fun and collaborative atmosphere before the debate. A pre-debate meal at McDonald’s was again suggested after the school’s success in the Sydney Competition, with the boys quietly confident of going into the final. 

In the final, the boys faced the Catholic Country Debating Champions, St. Mary Star of the Sea College, Wollongong. St. Mary had defeated two other regional schools during the day to make the final. The topic for the debate was ‘Aboriginal Studies should be compulsory for students studying the HSC’. The boys were assigned as negative team and put forward a well-structured and poignant debate that left the opposition with no holes for appropriate attack or rebuttal. All speakers were confident and put up strong cases for the debating judges. After the boys were awarded the win, the strong PMH representation in the audience were not only respectful but also jubilant at the school’s victory.

During the presentation ceremony, Principal Mark Pauschmann awarded the boys the trophy, a special feeling considering it was the school’s first ever Catholic Debating School Trophy. 

Finally, I would like to thank Miss Rizk who attended the grand final and helped to make the debating celebration memorable. Special mentions also to Miss Ashby and Miss Kervinen who also helped out throughout the successful debating season at PMH. If you would like to be involved in the PMH debating team for 2019, there will be opportunities for trials in the daily notices and email. 

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