Art - Veterans

2019 Art (1)

In this project Homes for Heroes my group and I created a series of artworks that included the theme of a house. This project was very fun and exciting as we learnt new stuff every lesson. The fun varied from activities to pracs. Our idea was to add a house somewhere in our art. For example I added a cardboard house, Christian Dib also added a cardboard and Patrick Zakhour hand drew his house. In our artwork we added lots of tone, colour, shape and size. In my artwork I interpreted a sunset and a patch of grass. My group inspired me to use lots of colours and to mix colours. This project for me was more trial and error as I made a lot of mistakes but I have learnt from them.
Christian El-Koura.


2019 Art (2)

The project's main idea was to create an artwork or artworks. This was to help the veterans of war to feel better and/or help them to cope with any illnesses that they might have. Each artwork was to not include anything that may remind any of the veterans of war. There was a list of choices/ideas that would help to create your artwork. Many people chose to do paintings whilst others made sculptures. These artworks were all made using a number of mediums. For my group, Samuel Bain and I chose to create a sculpture, whilst my other teammate, Andre Eltakchi, made a painting. My teams artworks were based on the theme animals because we felt that they were kind and gentle creatures. At least, most of them. Samuel created a bird, Andre made a sunset which included dolphins, and I created a gryphon upon a cliff.
Ezekiel Paterno


2019 Art (3)

This project was about helping veterans recover from their days at war where they may have been exposed to horrific things that could've scarred them. The point of our artworks was to provide solace in looking at our artworks, as they may provide them with comfort, friendship, satisfaction and more good emotions. With these artworks, we can make them forget about the troubles of life and just focus on the calm peaceful side of nature. My group all drew a different animal that starts with 'd' like dove, dolphin, deer and dog, then coloured them in fully black to make it look like a silhouette. We also mixed together colours for our background whether it be for the sky or for the water. The point of this project was to get the troubled people's minds off their horrific experiences and I believe my group did that as we all painted a calm and peaceful landscape with an animal silhouette.
Joshua Kaltoum


2019 Art (4)
2019 Art (5)