Term 3 English Update

There have been some wonderful, exciting learning experiences happening in our English classrooms this term where students have continued to develop their critical and creative thinking skills as well as extend their literacy skills. 

Year 7

In studying the graphic novel Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo, students transferred their skills and knowledge of the medieval fantasy genre in a practical experience in writing, editing, manuscript preparation and marketing through the creation of a Medieval Convention. The convention was an energetic celebration of collaborative learning. 


Year 8

Throughout the term, students have undertaken a thrilling journey known as English. In particular, students composed a feature article, exploring the concept of a hero and its representation in the focus text, Whale Rider. Students then applied their understanding of a hero to their analysis of a range of mentor texts.

Year 8 sample

Year 9

This term in English students have been integrated with History and learnt about World War 1 and 2. The formative task was an in-class diary entry focusing on a specific battle that took place during World War 1. Further into the project, students analysed the visual features and language used in the picture book Photographs in the Mud by Dianne Wolfer and Brian Harrison-Lever to deepen their knowledge of the varying experiences of war.

Year 10

Term 2 started with students composing a Poetry Anthology that expressed the ways Mary is represented metaphorically in the Bible. Week 4 of the term saw the launch of the project Migration Experiences, which involved students creating a scrapbook of migrant experiences by only using images to convey information - a unique task. Studying English continues to be a challenging yet exciting experience for Year 10 as they approach Senior English.

A Son and His Mother

written by Dean, 10.1

Son of God, stretched out on the Tree,  Why do you cause your mother such pain? 
Witness to cruelty and such violence is she,
Eternal life, despite sin, you’ve obtained.

Mother of God, thou art a stream, 
Gentle, yet firm, flows your love. 
Transcending like water past rocky extreme, 
Perpetual protection from our mother above.

Son of God, nails pierce your flesh,
Grief devours Mary’s heart ‘neath his feet.
The cost of Christ’s mission for the world made afresh;
Paid in blood, saying, ‘it is complete’. 

Mother of God, let your love never waver, 
Like a river, let it flow and rain down with your favour.