Year 9 English Incursion - Poetry in Action

Poetry in Action Review

By Sebastian Sammut, 9.5

The Poetry in Action workshop was a very stimulating performance which was an exciting and unique way to open the project. The performance highlighted many poetic devices and focused not only on poems from the past but forms of poetry from today. The actors used an element of humour to engage the audience and educate them about different types of poems and the extent of the text type in today's contemporary society. The performance revealed that poetry was not just about a singular piece of writing but a diverse range of language. This was conveyed by the sophisticated use of a storyline to further capture the audience's attention. To extend this they used different characters to help display different types of poetry. 

Examples of poetic techniques exhibited by the actors were: Assonance, Metaphor, Simile, Rhyme and Alliteration as well as teaching us about the different speeds when reciting poetry and the rhythms that it was written in. I would personally recommend this workshop to future Year 9 students and can affirm that we all learnt more about poetry in a creative and exciting way. The performance was targeting all students and successfully engaged all students. I would also like to thank the teachers responsible for the organising of the workshop.