Student Artwork to Showcase at ARTEXPRESS

Congratulations to Parramatta Marist High School student artist Thomas Reid whose HSC major work has been chosen to be in the acclaimed ARTEXPRESS showcase which will be exhibited at both the Hazelhurst Gallery and Margaret Whitlam Galleries at WSU. 

As part of the HSC Visual Arts course, the Body of Work is a labour of love as students pour time, energy and creativity into their major works, hoping for recognition in the
student artworld in ARTEXPRESS.

Thomas’ 30 panel minimalist graphic design work 'forward (a progression of advancements relating to technology, knowledge, society, biology, and exploration)', showcases specific advancements and notable breakthroughs from different aspects of society. The nature of such advancements include technological, such as the mimicry of the bird of the Wright Flyer; knowledge, such as the proposition of the theory of general relativity; societal, such as the recognition of female rights; biological, such as the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid; and exploratory, such as the inaugural flight to the lunar surface. 

On reflecting on his works, Thomas says “I wanted to represent these ideas and achievements through a minimalistic semi-abstract aesthetic, using only white lines and shapes on a dark background, with minimal text. Through the 30 digital pieces, I created a collection to convey that progress takes many forms, and always continues in some way or another. Although I encountered struggles in the creation of my artwork, both practical and conceptual in nature, I was able to create a cohesive piece through a combination of experimentation and feedback from my teacher, Mr. Cheung, family, friends and my peers. The artmaking process has really challenged me in many ways and allowed me to expand and build upon my strengths. The reward is indescribable beyond words.” 

As his teacher, Mr Donovan Cheung saw the dedication and passion that Thomas put into this work, as it took almost a full year to plan and create (with some significant changes along the way) - in particular during the year of Covid-19. This major hurdle didn’t sway Thomas as he pressed on and used the time for creating his piece an outlet, constantly refining and much like his concept innovating his practice.

It has been a long time since such an accolade has been bestowed upon Parramatta Marist High School and it is very exciting for students, their families and the whole school community to see student bodies of work selected for the prestigious exhibition.

ARTEXPRESS will be on show at various locations around Sydney in 2021.