Parramatta Marist High School has three channels of communication to keep everyone informed. The School Webpage, the Skoolbag App and the Student Diary.

As a school, we believe that there are three questions that need to be answered:

  1. Why do we do what we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. What do we achieve from this?

The 'Why' is our Vision

We believe in developing lifelong values, learning and skills that will set up our students for success in life.

The 'How' is our Mission

Being Christ centred through Marist eyes, we will provide quality Catholic education to equip our students with opportunities in reaching their best. Through Faith, we’ll provide formation. Through Learning, we’ll provide achievement. Through Wellbeing, we’ll provide growth.

The 'What' is in our boys becoming Men of Marist

Empowered with a Catholic world view, our students will, “Fortior Ito”, go forth with strength, to live and work confidently, effectively and wisely in a complex and ever-changing world. This will be demonstrated through our five Marist Pillars of: Family Spirit; Presence; Love of Work; Simplicity and; In the way of Mary.

In answering the three questions, we have consolidated our forms of communication to the following:

School and wider community



To our families and the wider community, our school webpage is our major form of communication. We regularly update the webpage on the many wonderful achievements of our staff and students as well as information about the school. These are then archived for future reference.


School and families



To answer specifically the 'How' and 'What' questions from the school to our families, the SkoolBag app is used for sending notifications straight to parent/carers via the mobile app and email. The school will automatically enrol parents/carers into the relevant SkoolBag content groups using the details on file. SkoolBag is the main method of communication between the school and families which has mitigated the need for hard-copy communications to be sent home. Through the SkoolBag app, you can access links for the school website, Sentral Parent Portal, Canvas Parent Portal, the PMHS social media pages and the school newsletter.


Teachers and families



To answer specifically the 'What' questions between families and teachers, we will continue to utilise the Student Diary for any day-to-day information.