Learning Technologies

Parramatta Marist is a technology rich school and we believe that students should be equipped to deal with the digital world in which they live.

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a technology program whereby students in Years 7-12 are required to bring their own device to complement their learning at Parramatta Marist High School. Bringing their own device provides students with the opportunity to maintain complete ownership of their device while using it to further their experiences in the classroom.

BYOD enhances the experiences of our students by providing complete ownership of their devices, their learning and will enable allowing access to global resources accessible by the internet while enhancing collaboration with their peers in creative problem solving.

The program will equip each student with a MacBook to use at school and at home, enabling students to have 24/7 access to resources and learning material.

This page provides parents with all of the information you require when purchasing your son’s MacBook.

Please feel free to contact the school to ask questions if you need any clarification.







Frequently Asked Questions

Parramatta Marist requires students to have access to a fully charged Apple device at the start of each day. The required minimum specifications for BYOD devices are as follows:

13” MacBook Air
Storage: 256GB SSD
Processor: MacBooks with the M1 or M2 chips family
Protective Case & AppleCare: Highly Recommended

Yes, the above specifications are for the base model MacBook Air which is the minimum specifications, should you wish to modify the specifications of the devices or purchase a different model MacBook, you are welcome to do so.

There is no restriction on previously purchased devices being identified as the BYOD device for your son. It is however a requirement that the device has up 6 hours minimum battery life without requiring charge.

BYOD devices can be purchased at any retail store of your choice. There is no restriction placed on the purchase location. Our recommendations are as follows:

Online Payment Portal

Purchasing Online

To assist in minimising the cost of purchasing these devices, the Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese has worked with their preferred suppliers of MacBooks, to set up a Parent Portal.

This secure portal enables parents to purchase MacBooks, extended warranties, bags and accessories at discount educational pricing.

Visit the Compnow Parent Portal

In-Store Purchase

Purchasing In-store

In addition to the above BYOD portal provided by CSPD. Parents can also purchase from Apple stores in person, online, and any other retailer, such as Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi.

As the device is a personal device, the responsibility for all damage and repairs lies with the students and their families.

Parramatta Marist highly recommends purchasing the extension of the Apple Care Warranty as well as investigating device coverage under home and contents insurance policies held by the families to reduce risk of high cost should any damage or theft occur.


All students MUST have access to an administrator account on their device. Students will be unable to connect their devices to the school network if they do not have administrative rights.

The provision of passwords to ICT Staff to complete such processes is not acceptable and will not be permitted.


There are no minimum software requirements. However, for students to access the school network the installation of a management profile is required. No remote management is enabled by this. Students will require administrative permissions to complete this installation.

CSPD Students are also provided with access to enterprise software like Microsoft Office 365 and some Adobe products from time to time dependent on their subject selections. This will be offered to the students from time to time.

Parramatta Marist ICT Services is located in the Br Ludovic Learning Centre and provides technical support to staff, students and parents daily between 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Our staff are not authorised Apple repairs and therefore can not provide any repair services onsite. We can provide recommendation and informed support to students and their families as required.

If your son forgets his device for a day, a loan device can be provided by ICT Services after a written note for your son’s year coordinator is received.

Should your son’s device be out of action for a duration of time due to repair or other circumstances, Parramatta Marist ICT Services can provide a loan device for the duration of the repair after a written letter from a parent and/or guardian is received by your son’s year coordinator.

For any enquiries or further information please contact ICT Services at wccictservices@parra.catholic.edu.au