Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care is a core feature of the educational program at Parramatta Marist.

Student pastoral care and wellbeing is paramount. In our daily interactions we endeavour to promote the Marist characteristics of presence, simplicity, family spirit, love of work, and following in the way of Mary. We acknowledge that relationships are a key component of our pastoral care of students, their families, and the staff with whom we work. Mindful of this we endeavour to know our students by name and seek to understand each unique personality.

We foster an environment that is welcoming, safe and where students are respected as individual members of a larger community.

All students in the College are placed into Houses where they meet, interact and are cared for on a daily basis by a Pastoral Group teacher. Many community activities within the school are conducted on a House basis.

Each student has a Homeroom teacher who meets daily with the Homeroom class and remains the first point of contact for parents. Each year level is under the guidance of a Year Level Coordinator. The Year Level Coordinator, as well as being conversant with each student’s curricular and co-curricular activities, guides the year level through the many and varied activities and demands that each year brings.

Parramatta Marist has developed effective strategies and policies on matters of student behaviour, health, personal development and other issues pertinent to students. The school makes use of programs such as the Buddies Program to foster positive relationships with new students, build self-esteem, confidence and enhance student leadership skills.

Pastoral care across the school is coordinated by the Pastoral Care Team who work closely with students to review academic progress, assist with personal problems, provide advice where necessary and encourage young people to reach their full potential.

Mr Peter Stephens
Assistant Principal -Wellbeing & Growth

Mr Craig Culnane
Pastoral Care Coordinator

Mr Luke Barry-Donnellan
Year 7 Coordinator

Miss Grace Harley
Year 8 Coordinator

Miss Kim Parnis
Year 9 Coordinator

Mr Andrew Gillies
Year 10 Coordinator

Mr Michael Menniti
Year 11 Coordinator

Mrs Erin Smith
Year 12 Coordinator

Mrs Prudence Dawson
Head of Department - Diversity

Ms Katrina Di Pietro
School Counsellor

Mrs Kathryn Rogers
School Counsellor