School Counsellor

Parramatta Marist recognises that students have worries and emotional challenges from time to time, and provides a free counselling service to our students.

A counsellor is available five days per week and can be accessed by the student speaking to a teacher, his year co-ordinator, the office staff or he can go directly to the counselling office and make an appointment. Parents are welcome to call the counsellor to discuss any concerns they may have about their son, or to refer him to the counsellor.

The counsellor’s office is along the corridor, just past the statue of St Vincent de Paul, on the side of the Administration building. Confidentiality is maintained by the counsellor unless a student is considered to be at risk, or discloses that someone else is at risk.

Some of the issues, which students discuss with a school counsellor include:

  • Alcohol and other drugs issues
  • Assault
  • Career issues
  • Emotional issues (anger, anxiety, loneliness,)
  • Family issues (conflict, custody, separation/divorce, illness)
  • Grief & loss (through death, divorce, changing schools)
  • Mental health concerns (depression, trauma, ADHD, aspergers)
  • Peer relationships (friendships, romantic relationships, bullying)
  • Puberty (physical and emotional changes)
  • School issues (absenteeism, motivation, school refusal, achievement, behaviour)

Sometimes the school counsellor will refer the student to other services, either within the school or outside the school as needed. At Parramatta Marist High we recognise that students need to have their emotional and mental health issues addressed to enable them to reach their potential in both school and in their lives.

  • Alcohol and Drug Helpline
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Kidsline
  • Lifeline
  • RAPS (Reconnecting Adolescents & Parents)