Marist Teams Excite at F1 in Schools 2020

Team REDLINE (Year 9 iSTEM): 
Our boys from Team Redline (Development Class) speak about their F1 Experience in this season's F1 in Schools Competition. 

Team Redline was awarded 1st in Fastest Lap, 1st in Gran Prix, 1st in Best Manufactured Car. Their car also clocked the fastest time of all cars representing their respective Australian States at the Virtual F1 event held at Parramatta Marist. Well done boys! 

Team PRISM (Year 10iSTEM): 
Students from Team Prism (Professional Class) speak about the challenges faced by their team in preparation to take on the best teams in NSW and Australia. 

While team Prism was up against some incredibly strong competition on the track, their car finished 4th when all States competitions were combined. While juggling their Year 10 studies, this is a wonderful achievement. 

Both Prism and Redline have qualified for the National Finals of F1 in Schools to be held in Melbourne during March 2021.

To watch the entire Virtual F1 State Finals 90 minute film, click below: